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Zrno Soli

Restaurant ... ZRNO SOLI was opened on March 1, 2011 and proudly presents Croatian gastronomy in a unique way. It's located on the first floor of the ACI marina Split with a million dollar view of Split, a 1700 years old city. It exudes elegance and warmth and stops time with it's tranquility and the simplicity of a well known Dalmatian style of relaxing. Here, you'll enjoy long summer nights and warm winter rhapsodies by the sea, surrounded by sailboats and clear Adriatic sea.

"Zrno Soli" became a well known place in the first year it opened, and for several years now Zrno Soli is a top destination for all who live, come to or just go trough Split. A lot of famous guests came to Split, a lot of them came back and became good friends, and some of them are - the queen of Denmark, the princess of Thailand, Guns N' Roses, FC Barcelona management, various prime ministers, presidents, stars etc. We received a lot of comments on social media regarding the food, staff and an unforgettable experience in the beautiful ambiance of the ACI marina, Split's sea gem.
Michelin Guide Croatia 2018., 2019., 2020., 2021., 2022.

Gault & Millau Croatia 2018., 2019., 2020., 2021., 2022.

Since March 1, 2018 we've been included in the Michelin Guide Croatia for 2018., and have received a recommendation from the world-renowned institution. We're delighted that they recognized and included us in the list for Michelin Guide Croatia for five years in a row. It is also worth noting that we are traditionally included in the Gault & Millau gastronomic guide. Certainly, it gives us the wind in our sails and even bigger motivation and desire to work harder to make our restaurant, but also Split, more famous on the world's gastronomic map. It's a big challenge to keep the recommendation, but also to go a step further towards the first Michelin star. We believe in ourselves, as our guests believe in us.
Proud owner


From the idea to the creation of Zrno Soli, owner Ivo Vrdoljak was lead by one thought - to host and please each guest. The name Zrno Soli, besides salt as an ingredient has a deep meaning. Salt is everywhere around us, salt is life, it's mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew, and life connected to the sea is also connected to salt. His persistance, dedication and great will to run a restaurant created a brand recognized in Croatia but also beyond.


Adrian Marković was born on January 20, 1997. in Germany, namely in Schwerte, in the immediate vicinity of Dortmund. He finished Blaž Jurjev Trogiranin high school in the Republic of Croatia, and after that he completed his education in order to obtain the title of hotelier and tourist salesman, and then he enrolled in business communication management, majoring in catering. He is just as diligent and inclined to progress even today. He has a passion for everything he does, and by the fact that from a young age he already had a sense of "real cooking" and then, over time, he added learned skills and knowledge to that innate talent. We are also proud of the fact that he has been a volunteer firefighter for the past 10 years, and has been awarded several medals from the Republic of Croatia, a voluntary blood donor and, as we all like to say, a humanitarian "from head to toe". He is always happy to point out that Zrno Soli is his home, and that gastronomy is a never-ending universe...
Branimir Prnjak was born on September 18, 2000. in Split. He finished a private Wallner High School, became a chef, and joined the kitchen of the Zrno Soli restaurant immediately after graduation. He is resolute in his statement that already in the first weeks of work at ZS he acquired an enviable level of knowledge, especially the practical one, and proudly points out that among his colleagues he had role models who introduced him in a special way to the world of gastronomy, as he says - the realm of taste and art. He very quickly became convinced that he was doing what he loved, and that was an additional pleasure for him. His culinary intoxication should be a guide for everyone. He lives cooking, so it is not surprising the amount of his ideas and new knowledge that he brings to work every day. His passion is something that only the best and the greatest have, so we believe that for our Branimir "only the sky is the limit".


Our "little" family is consisted of young people and some a little older but young at heart, that have been with us since the begining. From the kitchen, our main magicians, to all the rest we can say that every person lives the Zrno Soli life everyday. A big thanks to everyone ...


We offer a special experience to our guests in our "hidden" oasis of peace, V.I.P. room and V.I.P. terrace. We are proud of the fact that we can offer our guests an exclusive in a private room or terrace, which no one has in Split.
We've hosted numerous engagement parties, romantic dinners, business meetings and welcomed a lot of important guests in these rooms. Today, the VIP room is called the VIP gallery, and to better understand why take a look at the image gallery below.