On June 20th, 2019 we presented a new MENU that also included four special MENUs inspired by the tastes of the Mediterranean and authentic groceries, and all of that with a modern twist.
The first MENU is based on authentic extra virigin olive oil from the island Šolta, which this year in New York got the highest acknowledgement in the world of extra virigin olive oils.
The second "AUTHENTIC PREMIUM MENU" in eight courses includes whole of Croatia, with all the mediterranean flavours listed on the UNESCO World heritage list.
Ivo Vrdoljak, restaurant owner, says that the new menu gave a special emphasis on the last two MENUS - "WORLD PEACE FOR 1 HOUR" and "PING PONG PARKINSON".
With these MENUS restaurant Zrno Soli became the first ambassador in the gastronomy field, in a unique initative that will be presented around the world.